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Gregory, your my shining star :)

Dedicated to NASCAR Driver Greg Biffle

11 June
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Hey my first love is nascar. Greg Biffle to be exact. My second love is Days of Our Lives. Peter Reckell who plays Bo Brady. *drools* I love to read NASCAR Fanfic, and I also write a lit bit. I love to be outside doing anything outdoors related, swimming being a favorite.

I claimed Robby Gordon atclaimadriver
I tied the knot with Peter Reckell attie_the_knot
I portray Greg Biffle atnascarroleplay
I married Greg Biffle atmarry_a_person
I claimed Greg Biffle and Kevin Harvick as my boy toys atclaimyourboytoy
I married Greg Biffle atmarry_someone
I claimed Greg Biffle atclaim_a_driver
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